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Warranty/Shipping Policies

Adams Architectural Millwork Co. (“Company”) guarantees the materials and craftsmanship of our screen doors against any defects (including warping and joint failure) for 1 (one) year, provided all customer responsibilities are adhered to (See “Door Warranty”). Hardware from other manufacturers is covered by their respective warranties. In the event of an issue, customers are required to submit proof of purchase and photographs to Our service team will assess the product to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.


Shipped via FedEx

All products shipped via FedEx are fully insured. Upon arrival, inspect your shipment for any defects or hidden damage. Report any issues within 24-48 hours of receipt to be eligible for shipping-related claims. Depending on the situation, we may repair, replace, or refund up to the original price paid. Significant damage observed at delivery (large tears or punctures in the box) may lead to shipment refusal; please inform us immediately if you refuse delivery. Minor damages, such as torn screens or small scratches, should not lead to a return as they are easily repairable. Documenting damage with photos is strongly recommended.

Return via FedEx

Returns must follow the original shipping method and service. Packaging, service type, declared value, and weight should match the original shipment. If returning fewer items than initially shipped, ensure proper packaging and contact us for return shipping details.

Shipped via Motor Freight

Inspect your shipment for visible damage upon arrival. Note any damage on the Bill of Lading before the driver departs. Failing to document damages releases the Company from liability. You may refuse delivery of severely damaged goods, which will then be returned to us. Minor damages, like scratches or small cracks, do not warrant a return as we compensate up to $50/door for repair labor. If damage is noted on the Bill of Lading, contact us at (866) 480-0851 for assistance with the freight company. Undocumented damages leave the responsibility of claims with the consignee.

Shipped but Not Delivered

For products undelivered due to no fault of the Company (e.g., not signed for, undelivered, returned, or stored by the shipper), shipping charges are non-refundable, and customers are responsible for additional charges incurred.


Our hardwood doors are shipped unfinished and require proper storage, finishing, and installation within 15 days of receipt. Follow the instructions included with your shipment for finishing and installation. Non-compliance voids the warranty.

  • Store and ship doors vertically, not leaning.
  • Store doors indoors for no more than 14 days from receipt, finishing all surfaces and edges even if stored indoors.
  • Avoid exposing doors to excessive heat, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight before finishing.
  • Handle doors with clean gloves, avoiding dragging across surfaces.
  • Install then remove doors before finishing to avoid touch-ups.
  • Follow our “Finishing Your Door” guide carefully to avoid voiding the warranty.
  • Install doors according to our “How to Install” document. Improper installation can void the warranty.
  • Doors 84” and under require at least three hinges; doors over 84” or wider than 36″ require four hinges.
  • Inspect and refinish exterior doors annually to maintain protective finish.


The Company warrants its wood door components against manufacturing defects (warping and joint failure) for 1 (one) year from receipt. Misuse can void this warranty. If defects are found before modification or finishing within 15 days from receipt, the Company may repair or replace the door, or refund the purchase price. The customer covers return shipping costs.


Wood panels are covered separately. Report damage within 1 year of purchase with proof of purchase and photos. Failure to finish panels according to our guidelines may result in repair or replacement charges.


Wood’s natural variations and aging process, including warpage up to 3/32”, are not covered under warranty.


This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.


Submit claims in writing to Adams Architectural Millwork Co., 2225 Kerper Boulevard, Dubuque, Iowa 52001, or by calling (866) 480-0851. Include your name, address, product description, purchase details, and a summary of the issue.


Custom-made doors cannot be returned. “Quick-ship” doors may incur a 25% restocking fee if returned in original condition. Altered doors are ineligible for return.


Third-party hardware is sold “as is” with manufacturer warranties. Our warranty does not cover non-branded products. Defective hardware claims within the warranty period may lead to repair, replacement, or a handling charge. Hardware returns are accepted within 3 days of receipt if uninstalled and in original condition, subject to a 25% restocking fee for non-exchanges. Contact us at (866) 480-0851 for returns or exchanges.


During our Grand Reveal Days, we will send you a hat or t-shirt with any order placed. We will follow up with getting your preference as we put your order into production.

How to Measure for a Wood Storm Door

Accurate measurements are key to make sure your door installation goes smoothly. We fabricate all of our doors full and square, so if you have an older home, you may need to trim some if the house has settled and your door frame is not exactly square. Don’t worry though, all our doors are built to allow for some trimming!

Learning door terminology is beneficial, so the first thing we will go through are the areas on a door that you need to understand in order to measure accurately.

Brickmould (also known as, Trim) or Brick mold: It covers the gap between the window or door frame and the exterior part of the brick or siding on the house. These are usually decorative pieces of wood that border the door on the face of the house. It is mostly aesthetic, but it does provide the space to mount a storm door. Typically, it is 1-1/8” thick and can be made from many materials, including wood, aluminum, PVC, or other composite materials.

Jamb: An upright piece forming the door opening. Can be broken down into Side Jambs, or the vertical pieces, and the Head Jamb, which is the horizontal piece above the door. Both side jambs and head jamb combine to form the Door Frame.

Sill: Only found on exterior doors, this is the bottom component of a door frame. The sill is sealed and fastened to the floor.

Threshold: This is a protective “cap” that covers the sill. Typically, it is sloped toward the exterior in order to move water away from the bottom of the door. These are usually made of metal to withstand foot traffic.

Door Sweep: A piece of weather-stripping installed directly on the bottom of the door. It provides a weather-resistant barrier between the door and the sill.

How to Measure for a Storm Door Diagram

Click the button below for a nice, easy-to-follow diagram on measuring correctly for your new storm door.

For additional information on the parts of a door, see our Anatomy (Vocabulary) of a Storm Door.

In order to get the most accurate measurements for ordering a storm door, you want to take several measurements. This will ensure that you know beforehand if you will need to do any trimming, as well.

First, you will measure the width from inside brickmould to inside brickmould. It is best to measure in three places, near the top, at the middle, and near the bottom.

Second, the height will be measured in two places. This should be from the inside of the head jamb to the sill. You will want to measure both the left and right sides, a little way in from the trim.

How to Measure Width and Height for a Storm Door Diagram

Once you have recorded all your measurements, you will want to use the largest measurement as your Actual Width and Actual Height. You can always trim the door down, but you cannot add it on!

PLEASE NOTE: We fabricate to your exact dimensions. We do NOT make any deductions to the measurements that you provide.

As a precautionary step, it is always a good idea to measure the thickness of your brickmould to ensure that our 1-1/8” thick door will fit. We can adjust the thickness of the door if needed, but those circumstances would need to be quoted.

The last part is something that is a little more dependent upon your installation method or a contractor if you will not be installing. That piece is reduction for fit. You need to allow for hinges and operation, so the Actual Width and Actual Height will need to be reduced slightly. Standardly, reduction is 1/8” on each side, so ¼” from the Actual Width and ¼” from the Actual Height to get your Order Width and Order Height. (Please consult with your contractor—if applicable—unless they are measuring and providing you with the Order Width and Order Height. It is always best to let them know that we DO NOT take any deductions and make the door full and square to the provided dimensions.)

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